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Blocks and technological equipment



    Dust collector unit

The dust collector unit is intended for natural gas treating of liquid and mechanical impurities. The unit is installed at compressor stations of gas mains.

The unit includes dust collector, accessories, instrumentation and service platforms.


The dust collector unit is tested in the shop and delivered to the field site assembled, with removed service platforms, accessories and instrumentation.


   Fuel gas treatment unit for gas engine generating plant


Currently, most of the oil and gas producing companies widely use gas engine power plant (GPP) for independent power supply of the main power units at oil and gas fields. Herewith, total installed capacities of GPP vary from one to dozens of MW. This allows you to engage associated petroleum gas (APG) in beneficial use in sufficiently large quantities to ensure the implementation of associated gas utilization program. The first steps in this direction brought the oil, gas and mining companies to the adequate high quality preparation of fuel gas for gas engines of the generating units.



Pump stations

Pump stations are designed for pumping of process media. The structure of the pumping station generally includes the following equipment:

1. Block and unit building with all the life-support systems

2. Pumping equipment

3. Connecting pipes

4. Isolation valves

5. Test, measurement and flow rate metering devices

6. Filters for liquid at the suction lines of the pump equipment and at the drainage lines

7. Electrical installation equipment

8. Storage containers

9. Accessories (hoists, withdrawal devices, trolleys, etc.)

Pump stations have a certificate of conformity.