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Sichuan New Tianyuan



Sichuan New Tianyuan Technologies Co., Ltd. (abbreviated “NTYT”) is a modernized high-tech export -oriented enterprise, specializing in the research of compressor and its auxiliary equipment, development and production of integrated equipment package of gas compression, storage, transport and conversion.

Together with professional team of NTYT Silk Route Trading Сompany offers high quality products and services as following:

• Reciprocating piston compressors with different cooling modes and driving modes, including high, medium and low pressure compressors driven by electric motor, gas engine, diesel generator and etc. for large, middle and small flow capacity.

• Diaphragm compressors, including the compressors cooled with water, air and mixed modes, applicable for different use of various gas mediums such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and etc. with minimum suction pressure at atmosphere and maximum discharge pressure.

• Cryogenic Gas Liquefying Equipment And Complete Solution For Filling Station (including skid-mounted container type filling station, cryogenic storage tank semi-trailers, cryogenic pumps, vaporizer, pressure regulating skid, dispenser, cryogenic liquid gas storage tank and etc.).

• Gas Generation Plant. Electrolyzer, gas-liquid separators, and diaphragm gasket and so on can be designed and manufactured as per "CE" and ASME certifications.